Friday, May 29, 2009

Okay time for bed

Who knew? It's almost midnight and I am just finishing up. We have to leave at 6am to make it to the market and be ready for 9am. I can hear all of my art show buddies laughing already. They have lived through all the late nights getting ready for their shows, why should my little event have been different.... One thing for certain Angel has been right there all the way helping me get it done...

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Working, Working ( it's great )

Getting ready for Saturday here's a few shots of my newest build that I hope to have at the Saturday Morning Market (downtown St Pete 9- 2 this Saturday)

Monday, May 25, 2009

Saturday Morning Market / Keni Lee Burgess update

Hey Guys I know it has been a while since I have posted - I have been busy building CBG's and setting up a new working area. This next weekend is the Saturday Morning Market where Angel and I will have some of the latest builds out of the shop. The Band is going to be Urban Gypsies our new favorite local band well worth the trip. The market is open from 9 till 2 and we would love to say hello if you make it.

Hey Keni Lee Burgess has been very busy lately he has two new you tube videos out in the last weeks with one of the CBG's that I have built. The first one is a lesson on Baby Please Don't Go. and then there is this little ditty .

Monday, May 4, 2009

Now Playing on Youtube

Hey Gang make certain that you check out Keni Lee Burgess playing his Cigar City CBG in this fantastic video

Friday, May 1, 2009

Make Plans to see Cigar City CBGs May 16th at The Saturday Morning Market

Come out for the fun. Cigar City CBGs will participate in the Saturday Morning Market in downtown St. Petersburg. May 16th from 9 - 2. Angel and I had a great time last weekend just shopping and hanging out. The food was incredible, the band ( Urban Gypsies) was great and the shopping was terrific. Gail and her team have made this market a must do good time.

I have been busy building new CBGs mostly 3 strings with the cakepan resonators. I will have wine bottle slides and perhaps a couple of Cigar Box amps.... The market only runs till May 30th so if you have not been you need to check it out before it closes till the fall. Should be a great time I'll keep you posted as the day gets closer.

Lastly think about going back on the 30th, it's the last market till fall and the band will again be the Urban Gypsies. We love these guys, check them out while you can (and bring your dancing feet) .

No 11 the details

No 11.

18 fret bacote tapered fingerboard
spun resonator cone
3 ply maple padauk neck
fret position markers
Hand cut F-holesarkers

This CBG has been the most detailed build yet. Has a very big voice and is very responsive.