Thursday, November 12, 2009

Four string resonator madness

So the quest continues.... The new four string resonator sporting binding and a tobacco road sunburst relic finish. The CBG represents the most detailed adventure into building a CBG yet, the neck is laminated oak and walnut. I used a scarf joint for the headstock and applied the classic Gibson black overlay.
I used grover tuning machines
and the neck is reinforced. I also used a barrel bolt system to attach the neck. The hand carved neck extends well into the heal. I am very happy with the results.
This little instrument has a very powerful voice and is very nice to play.

I am going to be sending this one to KLB so I am always nervous.... The deal we have is he is to pull no punches (and he doesn't) If he doesn't like it he lets me know. Well that's how I get better at making these things. You need to have someone that you trust to help evaluate the sound
and quality.. I trust KLB


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