Wednesday, April 29, 2009

No 11.

Finally a true resonator cone.... As you know I have been working on variations of cigar box resonator guitars. So far I have used a tuna can with a sink drain, 4 inch cake pan with shower drain for the cover plate..... I have been pleased with the results. However, I could not resist trying a spun cone, made specifically to be used in a ukulele. Just finished up No. 11 with 18 frets Bocote fingerboard, Maple 3 piece neck on a Davidoff body and of course the spun cone . A true resonator. As expected this one has a very strong voice.....Thanks to Pat Cook for mentoring me on this build. Did I forget to mention Big Daddy's help as well... Another pioneer in the ongoing CBG movement. Thanks Darren . No. 11 will be making it's way to the website for more information.

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